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Welcome to Westwood Bath!

At Westwood Bath, we are passionate about elevating your bathroom experience with our range of intelligent toilets and high-end bath fixtures. Based in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, we have become a trusted destination for homeowners, designers, and architects who seek top-quality products that combine innovative technology with timeless design.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our business. From the moment you step into our showroom or visit our website, you’ll be greeted by a team of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to helping you create the bathroom of your dreams. With years of industry experience, we understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

At Westwood Bath, we take pride in curating a carefully selected collection of smart toilets and bath fixtures from leading manufacturers worldwide. We believe that your bathroom should be a sanctuary, a place where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and indulge in luxury. That’s why we offer an extensive range of products that reflect the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

Our smart toilets are designed to enhance your daily routine with cutting-edge features such as self-cleaning capabilities, adjustable water temperature, personalized settings, and integrated bidet functionality. We believe that technology should seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, providing convenience and comfort at every touchpoint.

In addition to our smart toilets, we also offer a wide range of high-end bath fixtures that will transform your bathroom into a stunning oasis. From luxurious freestanding tubs and sleek faucets to elegant vanities and exquisite lighting options, our collection showcases the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.

At Westwood Bath, we understand that every customer is unique, and we take pride in providing personalized service to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the selection process, offering expert advice, design inspiration, and unparalleled customer support from start to finish.

We invite you to explore our showroom or browse our website to discover the perfect combination of style, functionality, and sophistication for your bathroom. Join us on this journey to create a space that embodies your personal taste and elevates your everyday routine. At Westwood Bath, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Experience the luxury of a smart toilet and high-end bath fixtures with Westwood Bath. Your dream bathroom awaits!

Diversity and Inclusion at Westwood Bath

At Westwood Bath, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our success as a company. We strive to create a workplace that celebrates individuality, embraces diverse perspectives, and fosters a culture of inclusivity. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond words – it is deeply ingrained in our core values and drives every decision we make.

Embracing Diversity
We recognize and celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our organization. We value diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that by embracing a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives, we create a more innovative and dynamic work environment.

Inclusive Culture
Creating an inclusive culture is a top priority at Westwood Bath. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where every employee feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best. We actively promote equality of opportunity, fairness, and meritocracy throughout our company. We strive to eliminate barriers and biases that may hinder the professional growth and development of any individual.

Employee Resource Groups
To support our diverse workforce, we have established Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that serve as valuable platforms for employees to connect, network, and share their unique perspectives. Our ERGs are open to all employees and provide a supportive community where individuals can find mentorship, create meaningful connections, and advocate for inclusivity. We encourage participation in these groups as they play a vital role in shaping our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Training and Education
We understand that fostering a culture of inclusion requires ongoing education and awareness. We provide comprehensive training programs to our employees, focusing on unconscious bias, cultural competence, and inclusive leadership. These initiatives are designed to broaden perspectives, challenge assumptions, and encourage open dialogue. By investing in our employees’ understanding and appreciation of diversity, we aim to create a workplace where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Supplier Diversity
We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion beyond our organization and into our supply chain. We actively seek partnerships with diverse suppliers who share our values and commitment to inclusivity. By engaging with diverse suppliers, we contribute to the growth and economic empowerment of underrepresented communities and foster a more equitable business environment.

Community Engagement
Westwood Bath believes in making a positive impact beyond the workplace. We actively engage with our local communities, supporting organizations and initiatives that champion diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Through volunteer programs, sponsorships, and partnerships, we strive to create lasting change and contribute to a more equitable society.

Accountability and Progress
We understand that fostering diversity and inclusion requires ongoing efforts and continuous improvement. We hold ourselves accountable for measuring our progress, identifying areas for growth, and implementing effective strategies to drive change. Regular evaluation of our practices, policies, and outcomes ensures that we remain aligned with our diversity and inclusion goals.

Join Us
At Westwood Bath, we are always seeking talented individuals who are passionate about our commitment to diversity and inclusion. If you share our values and want to be part of a progressive and inclusive company, we invite you to explore career opportunities with us and contribute to our diverse and dynamic team.

Together, we can create an environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and empowered to thrive.

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